The Best Carafes To Keep Your Coffee Pipin’ Hot

I understand a few of you might be in a bit of a hurry, so if you don’t have time to read the entire article then we recommend getting the Toearnit Stainless Steel Carafe.

Getting a good quality carafe can be the difference between chucking away a perfectly good batch of coffee because it’s cold or enjoying it for hours on end. And who wants to waste a good pot of coffee?

To help you find the best coffee carafe, we’ve searched high and low for the top products on the market today. We’ve covered why it’s worth getting a decent one, and what you need to keep in mind when selecting the one which suits you best.

These are the five carafes we’ll be looking at:

Why Do You Need A Good Quality Carafe?

A good way of knowing you have a good carafe is if when your using it you don’t wish you had a different one. It’s one of those things that you don’t really notice it’s working exactly as it should. If it starts leaking and goes cold quicker than you can say ‘carafe‘, then you need a better one.

You Don’t Want Leaks

Alright, I know a carafe leaking isn’t the end of the world, but it’s just plain annoying, plus it can be avoided. You don’t want a carafe that’s going to leak all over the table or the counter. Even if you forget the annoyance it’s still a waste of coffee, which is criminal.

You also don’t want it to leak over your mother or father in law when then come around for dinner. Slightly embarrassing.

Cold Coffee

If you’re one of those folks that brews a full carafe when you wake up and like to sip it throughout the morning, then a good quality carafe is important. There’s nothing worse than coming back to the carafe after a mere 2 hours to find lukewarm coffee sitting there.

You can heat it up for sure, but that’s what a carafe coffee is meant to avoid for you. Making sure your coffee stays hot until you finish it is easy with a high quality carafe, but you just need to know what to look out for.

close up of carafe half full

What To Consider When Buying A Carafe

It’s not too obvious as to what makes a carafe worth buying but don’t stress, we’ve put together a list of what you should be thinking about.

One thing to note is you do have an option here between a glass and a thermal carafe. The glass ones may look slightly more fancy and aesthetically pleasing, but they don’t work as well. A thermal carafe is going to keep that coffee hot for much longer.

We’ve included a good glass carafe in our reviews as an option, but I’d recommend a thermal carafe over a glass if you want your coffee hot for many hours.

How Much Coffee Can It Hold?

This of course depends on what environment you’re in. For example if you’re in an office you’ll probably want a carafe with a large capacity that’ll keep coffee warm all day. If you’re at home, something smaller is probably going to suffice.

Around a 32 ounce (about a litre) carafe should be large enough for even the most heavy coffee drinkers at home. For an office, maybe around a 70 ounce carafe would be better so you’re not filling it up every half hour or so.

Is It Well Insulated?

Probably the most important point to consider is whether the carafe is insulated enough to retain a lot of heat. It wouldn’t be a good carafe if it didn’t.

A well designed insulated coffee carafe can keep your coffee hot for more than 12 hours, and a cold drink for even longer. This is something you don’t often get with a glass carafe, they rely much more on a warming plate.

Ease Of Use

Some models come with certain features that are super helpful and improve ease of use and convenience like a fancy pouring spout that’s designed not to spill a drop. There’s also features that make it easier to clean and may also come with some cleaning supplies.

Checking for any of these features will make your experience using the carafe better and easier.

Does The Design Look Good?

This isn’t at the forefront of our minds when looking for what carafe to get, but it does matter to some degree. The aesthetics shouldn’t be ignored for the simple reason that you have to look at it sitting in your kitchen all the time. If it’s ugly and out of place, you’re not going to want it on your countertop are you?

Go for a thermal or glass carafe that’s going to keep the general aesthetics of your kitchen. There are many out there that are pretty neutral and would fit in with almost any style.

Shape and Size

There are a range of different shapes and sizes of carafes out there. Some smaller ones are ideal for travelling or storing in small spaces. The larger carafes allow for more coffee to be kept hot throughout the day.

You should keep in mind what you want to use your carafe for and find a good balance between how much coffee you want to keep hot and its shape and size.

Dishwasher Proof?

This is important for some people. It’s super easy to put your carafe in the dishwasher after the mornings are finished and forget about it. However, some of the more better looking carafes with those intricate details aren’t often dishwasher proof.

If the carafe is easy to hand wash, it might be worth it to sacrifice the dishwasher proof feature for that extra quality design.

The Best Coffee Carafe – Our Reviews

Toearnit SUS 316 Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe

best coffee carafe

Key features:

  • Stainless steel
  • 2 litre capacity
  • Stays hot for 24 hours
  • Double walled vacuum insulated technology
  • Doesn’t get hot on the outside so it’s safe to touch
  • Spill-free spout
  • 1 year warranty
  • Not dishwasher proof but comes with cleaning brush

Kicking of the reviews is the Toearnit Stainless Steel Carafe. It’s well made, good looking and uses SUS 316 stainless steel which works perfectly as an insulator. They advertise that this carafe keeps your coffee hot for 24 hours which is a very long time. We found that if you follow the manual for optimum insulation, then after 24 hours the coffee inside is around 140F to 168F!

Not only does this carafe keep your coffee piping hot for many hours, but it also holds a large capacity. At 2 litres, you can keep drinking coffee until your heart’s content. It’s ideal for a long family road trip or if you’re wanting to provide coffee for a few people throughout the day. It holds more than enough coffee for three people to have three cups each.

Cleaning is also pretty straightforward. The lid is completely removable and we found soaking it in hot soapy water cleans it well. You can easily see inside the carafe to give it a scrub with the brush.

All in all, a great carafe that keeps coffee warm for a long time, is well made, and doesn’t leak a drop.

Check price on Amazon

Bellemain Premium Thermal Carafe

best coffee carafe

Key features:

  • Stainless steel
  • 2 litre capacity
  • Stays hot for over 16 hours
  • Soft grip handle for comfort and easy control
  • Spill-free spout
  • Brushed chrome exterior
  • 2 year warranty
  • Not dishwasher proof

Another carafe that is incredibly well designed to retain all that heat in for a long time. The build quality is very good for a very reasonable price too. We found that after 16 hours of the coffee sitting in the carafe, the temperature was still above 150F, which is plenty hot for you to enjoy your cuppa.

The Bellemain also has a capacity of 2 litres, so again it’s ideal for keeping your coffee hot for a lot of people. If you’ve got a weekly office meeting with a few colleagues, this is ideal for sharing coffee around the circle.

Cleaning is also super easy even though you shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher. Leaving it to soak in hot soapy water overnight seems to be the best way to freshen it up. The lid does unscrew but it’s a little tight at first and difficult to remove. After a couple of times it loosens up and works without a problem.

Check price on Amazon

Cresimo Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Carafe

best coffee carafe

Key features:

  • Stainless steel
  • 2 litre capacity
  • Stays super hot for over 12 hours
  • Large mouth for easy refilling without spill
  • Handle is designed well so you don’t have to awkwardly pour to empty it
  • 1 year warranty
  • Not dishwasher proof

This carafe performs fantastically well in terms of insulation, with only a 24 degree drop after 12 hours of the coffee being sat in the carafe, nothing to complain about there! Cremiso utilizes vacuum technology when it comes to the sealing the contents of the carafe, making sure no heat escapes through the lid.

With a 68 ounce capacity, it can hold more than enough coffee to satisfy you and your friends throughout the day. If you’re on a night shift or required to stay up late for some reason, the Cresimo will keep your brew hot as long as you need.

The handle is specifically designed to be used with one hand. So if you’re busy eating or holding your mug then this means you don’t have to put anything down to pour your coffee. Cleaning and refilling is quick and easy with a large mouth. The lid is removable and soaking it in hot water over night will clean it well.

Check price on Amazon

Hario V60 Glass Carafe

best coffee carafe

Key features:

  • Glass
  • 800ml capacity
  • Can handle really hot beverages
  • Beautiful design
  • Dishwasher proof

This is by far my favourite carafe based on looks. I think it’d be a very stylish addition to any kitchen. Fun fact, Hario means ‘King of glass’ in Japanese, and we certainly see why. Hario makes some beautiful Siphons to brew your coffee, and their impressive craftsmanship doesn’t stop there.

One thing to note though is this glass carafe has not been designed to keep coffee warm for 12 hours like our last few. Don’t get me wrong, if you plan on drinking a couple of cups within a couple of hours then it’ll do the job. Just don’t expect to come back after ten hours to find a hot carafe.

800ml is the largest carafe they do. There are also sizes of 600ml and 360ml in case you don’t often drink that much coffee in one go. I find it’s still nice to have the option though for when friends and family come around.

Very comfortable to use, super lightweight, and the cleaning process is also easy. It often just needs a rinse with soapy water once you’ve finished using it, but every once in a while you can pop it in the dishwasher. Be careful not to knock it too hard though as the glass is pretty thin. You should also be careful not to pour cold water in the carafe while it’s boiling hot, as it’s been known to fracture.

Check price on Amazon

Lafeeca Thermal Coffee Carafe

best coffee carafe

Key features:

  • Stainless steel
  • 750ml capacity
  • 6 hour heat retention
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to pour
  • Cool touch handle
  • Not dishwasher proof
  • BPA plastic free
  • 1 year warranty

Our final carafe is the very stylish Lafeeca. It comes in a range of different colours which are black, blue, red, copper, white and pink, so whatever colour theme you have in your kitchen the Lafeeca can match.

For a small and stylish carafe it retains the heat for long enough to drink the entire pot by yourself. After 6 hours the coffee was still relatively hot. It makes use of the double walled vacuum seal to help with insulation, and keeps the outside of the carafe nice and cool to touch.

It’s not dishwasher proof so you’ll have to wash it by hand. However the lid screws off, and with a mouth of 2 ¼ inches you can easily get inside with a brush to clean it.

Along with the 1 year warranty they also off a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the craftsmanship.

Check price on Amazon


There are many well insulated carafes out there that do a great job of keeping your freshly brewed coffee hot. If you pick any of the carafes on our list I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with how they work.

Personally I prefer the Toearnit Stainless Steel Carafe. It looks really good in the black and keeps your coffee hot for the longest out of all of them. It’s great if you’re going on a long drive or have a lot of people that will be drinking coffee throughout the day when you’re out.

You can find our reviews on coffee makers with thermal carafes here!

Let us know which one you went for in the comments.

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