Coffee Roasters For Small Businesses – Our Recommendations

If you don’t have time to read the entire article, then we recommend the Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster.

Even the best pre-roasted coffee beans begin to lose flavour the longer they’re left after roasting. So what’s the answer to ensuring you get the fullest flavours from your coffee beans? Well, roasting them yourself!

We’ve found the best coffee roaster machine for small businesses or for roasting at home. Whether you’re wanting to provide your customers with an even better cup of coffee, or just upping your coffee game at home, these are the roasters you should be looking at.

These are the coffee roasters we’re reviewing:

freshly roasted coffee in roaster

Why Roast Your Own Coffee Beans?

To put the effort in to roast your own coffee means you’re bound to be a die-hard coffee lover. But what’s the point? Is it worth it?

If you enjoy coffee a lot and are thinking of taking it to the next level, then yes, roasting your own coffee beans is going to bring you a lot of benefits.

We’re talking a fresher, tastier, more flavourful cup, along with incredible aromas that are going to turn the heads of people that are walking by your cafe or house.

Let’s not take anything away from pre-roasted coffee though. You can get some incredible coffee from supermarkets or your local cafe. But sometimes you’re going to get a bag that’s been sat there for over a week.

Freshly roasted coffee beans reach their optimum flavour between one and three days after roasting, so doing it yourself means you can drink the freshest coffee.

I find there’s also a higher level of satisfaction when you drink coffee you’ve roasted yourself. You’ve put more effort, more work into making your coffee, and it’s yours. You can drink it knowing you’ve roasted the coffee to bring out all of its unique flavours. It’s going to be the tastiest brew you’ve ever had.

Roasting coffee for your own business is going to improve the quality of the coffee your customers are drinking. They’ll notice it for sure. Plus the aroma that will pour out from your cafe is going to attract customers like moths to a flame. Or something like that. Anyway.

Types Of Roasters

There are a couple of different types of roasters you can go for. A fluid air bed coffee roaster (or an air roaster) and a drum coffee roaster.

Fluid Air Bed Roaster (Air Roaster)

An air roaster is similar to a popcorn maker where hot air is pushed around the roasting chamber and heats up the beans. In fact there are some popcorn makers that have been repurposed into a home coffee roaster.

They tend to have a smaller coffee bean capacity than a drum roaster, but roast the beans more quickly. Depending on how much coffee you want to roast might decide what roaster you should go for.

Because fluid air bed roasters roast coffee faster, they tend to retain those lighter, more crisp floral and berry flavours, keeping its complexity. Good if you prefer lighter roast flavour profiles. However you may not be able to achieve those deep dark roast flavours like chocolate and caramel.

Drum Roaster

A drum roaster works by heating the outside of a metal chamber, where the coffee beans are placed inside while it rotates. The chamber gets super hot and the coffee is roasted when it touches the heated surface.

You can normally fit quite a lot of coffee beans inside the drum so it’s good if you’re wanting to roast a lot of coffee.

A drum roaster roasts the beans slower allowing all those deeper flavours to come out, therefore often being the preferred process for people who like espresso.

checking coffee beans in roaster

A Few Things To Consider

Does It Include A Cooling Feature?

Once the coffee has finished roasting, they’re still going to be super hot. If you leave them sitting they’re going to continue to roast even when out of the roaster. This can lead to over-roasted, or potentially uneven roasted coffee due to there being ‘hot spots’.

Some of the higher end roasters you can get come with a cooling function. If the one you’re looking at doesn’t then no dramas, but you might have to get creative at how you’re going to cool your beans down after.

You can simply place them in a sieve and stir until they’ve cooled down enough so they’re not still roasting. Although easy to do, it is convenient if the roaster can do this for you!

How Much Coffee Are You Wanting To Roast?

We mentioned earlier that different types of roasters hold different quantities of coffee beans. You should keep in mind how much coffee you’re going to be roasting yourself, as you don’t want to wish you could roast more coffee after you’ve bought one.

You’ll have to do a bit of math and figure out how much coffee is consumed each week, and then make sure the roaster you’re looking at can produce this much coffee.

How Dark Do You Want To Roast?

You can dark roast with pretty much any roaster, however one thing you should keep in mind is the smoke that’s produced as a consequence.

The longer you roast for, the more smoke is going to be produced. You’ll either need to invest in a roaster that’s good at minimising the smoke or venting it, or make sure you’re roasting in a well ventilated area.

It’s not good for anybody to be surrounded by a lot of smoke, so it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

If you want to learn more about roasting coffee, check out this video below!

Small Business/At Home Roasters – The Reviews

JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roaster

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Key features:

  • 500g roast capacity
  • Roasting temperature can go up to 240F
  • Electric
  • Can roast nuts and popcorn also
  • Very easy to operate
  • Cheap
  • 1 year warranty

This small and compact roaster is ideal for those that are just beginning to roast their own coffee. It’s pretty affordable for most people and can hold a pound of coffee each time. It comes with a non-stick chassis and a moving arm to keep the beans evenly dispersed in the pot.

With a dial as it’s interface as opposed to being digital, it’s incredibly straightforward and easy to use. The cleaning is a doddle; just take the internal pot out and give it a wash, but make sure not to use any scourers or else you’ll damage the non-stick.

The Jiawanshun has constant temperature heating to make sure the beans are evenly roasted. However because the plate heats up first, and not the internal air temperature i’d recommend leaving it on for a while to get it up to temperature before putting the beans in.

Overall a really good and stylish roaster that’s ideal for first time roasters.

>>Check price on amazon<<

DYVEE Coffee Bean Roaster

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Key features:

  • 400g roast capacity
  • Glass drum lets you clearly see the colour of the beans
  • Gas burner
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to clean

This roaster by DYVEE is designed to be used on a gas stove burner, although it still uses electricity to spin the drum while roasting.

It’s a great design and I really like how the drum is completely clear. It makes it super easy to keep an eye on the colour the beans are turning. The wooden handle prevents it from getting too hot to touch too.

A downside is that you can’t control the exact temperature you want to roast at. However it still reaches a high enough temperature to get you to a dark roast, you’ll just have to use a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature.

A good looking roaster which is fun to use as you can see the coffee beans inside. 

>>Check price on amazon<<

Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Key features:

  • 300g roast capacity
  • Thermometer, hopper and probe rod included
  • Gas burner
  • Great build quality
  • 1 year warranty

The Kaldi looks like a complex piece of equipment, however it’s relatively easy to get the hang of and has a beautiful aesthetic. It works similarly to the DYVEE in the fact you place it on a gas burner for the heat source. It comes with a volt adapter too.

It’s a real high end roaster for those of us starting up a new cafe, or simply wanting to up our coffee drinking experience from home.

Although more on the pricey side, it’s an incredibly well built roaster and a highly industrial machine that’ll produce a consistently even and precise roasts.

It comes with a thermometer, bean hopper, chaff holder and probe rod and it certainly looks the business. The probe rod allows you to quickly remove some of the beans to inspect what colour they are and what stage in the roasting process they’re at.

The clean up is pretty straightforward. You need to remove and wash the drum, as well as the chaff collector. You can cool the beans down after too by keeping the drum spinning and increasing the airflow.

All in all, a really great roaster which is going to look great sitting in your cafe as well as at home.

>>Check price on amazon<<

BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster

best coffee roaster machine for small business

Key features:

  • Comes in 250g or 500g roast capacity options
  • Beautiful design
  • Electric
  • Cooling feature included
  • Fantastic build quality

If you’re really wanting a top quality roaster then look no further than the Bocaboca. It’s available in either 250g or 500g capacity depending on how much coffee you want to roast.

The cooling feature that comes with it is very efficient and gives you great control over the roasting process of your coffee beans. It uses a fan which cools them down very quickly.

It’s also surprisingly quiet, which is great if you’re wanting to place the roaster in a cafe around customers. The glass drum also makes it easy to see the colour of the beans.

Everything about this roaster is great. From the design and quality of the build, to the roasting process and cooling feature.

Although on the expensive side, if you’re going to be roasting a lot of coffee, or want to invest in a great roaster for your small business, then the Bocavoca is your one.

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Final Verdict

Picking the ‘best’ roaster out of these four great machines is tough. I mean, it all depends on what you’re wanting from your roaster as to which one is going to be best for you. What I do know though is no matter what the demand is from your small business or your household, one of these roasters is going to be ideal.

If I had to pick, I’d recommend the Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster. Considering the price and everything else, I just think you’re getting a quality product. Plus the way it operates, and with the probe rod, it’s got a very industrial feel to it.

Check out our coffee maker reviews so you can start brewing some of that delicious coffee you’re roasting.

Let us know which roaster you went for in the comments!

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