Our Favourite Hot Chocolate K Cups For Keurig

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read the entire article, we chose Crazy Cups Seasonal Hot Chocolate as our favourite Keurig hot chocolate.

Keurig is best known for their single cup coffee makers, but they’re far from just a coffee machine!

It’s not just the vast range of coffee flavours you can enjoy that sets this brand apart from all the others, the versatility of these machines mean you can enjoy so much more. Whether it’s tea, lattes, cappuccinos or a good old cup of hot chocolate.

We’ve put together a list of the best Keurig hot chocolate to help you choose your weekend movie night treat.

We will review 5 of the best hot chocolates for you to use:

hot chocolate with marshmallows


Hot chocolate’s can be great for satisfying a sweet tooth, or simply just helping you to relax after a busy day. You want to be able to enjoy the cup without worrying about how many extra calories that ‘relaxation’ has added to your day.

Usually, K Cup hot chocolate have between 60 and 80 calories in them, which isn’t too much. A hard boiled egg contains around 78 calories to put it into perspective. An egg is much better nutritionally, but we’re treating ourselves here!

60 to 80 calories is around 6-8g of fat in a hot chocolate. Just something to keep in mind. It’s absolutely fine as a treat.


A lot of brands are sneaky about sugars on the nutrition label. Sure, a little bit of sugar is harmless and can give the hot chocolate more flavour – but everything is fine in moderation, and those with medical conditions such as diabetes, need to be cautious.

Many pods that claim that they are ‘sugar free’ often result in using sucralose, which is a synthetic sugar.

The majority of scientific evidence has shown that sucralose is safe, but some studies have shown that artificial sweeteners don’t satisfy the brain in the way that real sugar does, which can lead to overconsumption, and more calories.

It’s always best to read the nutrition labels and have a look over what you’re putting into your body – of course you can always choose organic hot chocolate k cups.

These, by definition, don’t include any artificial ingredients. Another advantage of eating and drinking organic is that you don’t have to worry about pesticides or chemicals making their way into your system.

Expiration date

Before bulk buying hot chocolate pods (or any pods for that matter) always check the expiry date. In an office environment this wouldn’t be an issue as staff are using the pods regularly, but if you use them at home and not very often, it’s best to only buy a smaller quantity at a time.

Rich Cocoa

The rich flavour is what really brings out and enhances your drink, essentially making the hot chocolate the best it can be. A pod that is not rich enough could end up being like chocolate flavoured hot water, not the smooth consistency you want in a cup of hot chocolate.

melted chocolate in cups and chocolate bars

Make Sure The Pods Are Compatible

One big advantage of Keurig coffee makers is that consumers are not limited to the Keurig brand of pods. Other brands do fit but you need to ensure that the pods you buy are compatible for your particular model. Just because they have the Keurig logo somewhere on the pod it doesn’t mean they are affiliated with the brand, just that they are compatible for some models.

Make sure you shake your pod before inserting it into your Keurig coffee maker, this loosens all the contents and ensures you get the most out of your K-cup. You want a nice uniform spread of hot chocolate inside the K-cup to extract all of those flavours.

Milk In A Keurig?

If you’re like me, and a fan of making your hot chocolates with milk, then you’re going to be disappointed. You should not put milk inside the water reservoir, at all.

Inside the Keurig is a small water reservoir where around a cup of water sits and heats up, allowing for a quick brew process. The milk is too thick to pass through the system, and then you’ll have to go through the trouble of draining your Keurig.

Even if you’re still wanting to try it, remember that milk doesn’t stay fresh for long. So if after the hard work of draining your Keurig you don’t do it well enough, you’ll end up with smelly, rotten milk inside. Not good for the taste of your coffee.

Keurig Hot Chocolate – The Reviews

Victor Allen Coffee’s Milk Chocolate

best keurig hot chocolate

Key features:

  • 42 single serve instant pods
  • Made for K-Cup Keurig 2.0 Brewers
  • Kosher certification
  • Natural and Artificially flavoured.

This hot chocolate is affordable and good value for the price. It is a bulk product, so as stated above, maybe isn’t ideal for someone who only has hot chocolate once in a while.

It contains sucralose instead of natural sugar, but has been described as ‘rich and creamy’. While doing well on flavour and value, there is a tendency for it to turn watery – but this is quite common in budget hot chocolates.

It only has 70 calories per cup which is sustainable, but paired with the artificial sweeteners makes this not the best choice for someone conscious of their diet.

Check price on Amazon

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate

best keurig hot chocolate

Key features:

  • Classic hot chocolate
  • Rich
  • Artificial sweeteners

Swiss Miss K cups dry their milk out first and then blend it with premium cocoa to give you the rich, carefully crafted taste – however they do use artificial sweeteners. On the plus side, this makes it a low calorie drink.

Many people have said that it doesn’t taste as nice as the powdered, stove top Swiss Miss packets, but it is more convenient and quick to use with the Keurig.

Others also recommend filling your cup halfway with hot milk and then adding the hot chocolate to make it more creamy.

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Crazy Cups Seasonal Hot Chocolate

best Keurig hot chocolate 

Key features:

  • Many unusual flavours
  • Works in all Keurig brewers
  • Variety packs
  • Fun for adults and children!

Each cup of hot chocolate contains 15g of cocoa and includes added flavourings to achieve the diverse experience every time. The sugar count is comparatively low which is a big plus for this brand.

I would recommend buying the variety sample pack before committing to one flavour, as they do tend to be quite unusual and may not be suited to everyone’s tastes. This being said, each flavour is reported to be a happy medium, not too rich as to overwhelm the chocolate, but enough to get them underlying hints of salted caramel or cinnamon for example.

The customer service is also second to none, with nothing being too much trouble. This is sometimes tricky to come across in big brands and so it is definitely an advantage to this business.

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Cameron’s Coffee Chocolate Caramel Brownie

best keurig hot chocolate

Key features:

  • Compostable
  • Rich
  • Coffee

This beverage isn’t actually hot chocolate, it’s chocolate flavoured coffee. Tasting of sweet, creamy caramel draped over rich chocolate – it genuinely tastes of brownies with each sip.

The advantage of this cup is that it is sweet and rich enough, meaning you don’t need to add sugar, cream or anything else calorific.

This brand also uses a real coffee filter, not a plastic cup and they are certified compostable in industrial composting facilities – this sounds impressive but these are not usually found locally. But hey, hats off to them for making the first step in looking after the environment as well as their customers.

It is on the more pricey side of the spectrum, but is certainly worth it!

Check price on Amazon

Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate

best keurig hot chocolate

Key features:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Specific for Keurig
  • High in sugar

Dark, delicious, rich – this is the typical dark hot chocolate. It has quite a high sugar content although that is more for balancing the bitterness rather than for sweetness.

This probably isn’t the ideal drink for children, but perfect for adults on a chilly, winters night.

With zero trans fats or gluten, these K cups are only 60 calories per cup, which is a really good number! Case Escapes is affiliated with Keurig so you know you’re getting good quality hot chocolate to go with your machine.

Check price on Amazon


I would recommend the Crazy Cups Seasonal Hot Chocolate for your Keurig machine. I think it adds a fun quirk to the beverage and isn’t just the standard drink! With tons of flavours there’s bound to be one you love, as well just being 70 calories per serving.

You can check out more of our K Cups reviews here!

Let us know which one you went for in the comments!

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