What Coffee Maker Should You Get For Your Office?

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read the entire article, then we recommend the Keurig K-Elite as the best office coffee maker.

For many people, a cup of coffee is just as essential for productive office life as paper, pens, and even computers. Office coffee machines can be the difference between a buzzing atmosphere and a zombie like team – pick wisely! 

You don’t want your team turning up late to work because they got stuck in a Starbucks queue, so why not give them the opportunity to make their own coffee in the office? Thats why we’ve put together the best office coffee makers, to help you choose.

Building relationships between co-workers is important for productivity and loyalty to each other, as well as to the company. One of the places these relationships are built is at the coffee machine. It’s where people talk about the weekend, or something funny that happened to them, getting to know each other more and more. So it’s important that you find the right one for your office.

We will be looking at these 5 coffee makers:

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Starting out

The most common types of coffee maker in an office are filter coffee makers, pod single serve and instant vending machines. There are pros and cons to all, for example filter coffee is quick and portable which is perfect for meetings and conferences, but only offers one standard type of coffee.

Pod coffee machines are small and compact, easy to use and you can buy different flavours to accommodate everyone. Vending machines produce a larger selection i.e. long black/latte/cappuccino/hot chocolate. Bean to cup machines often produce fantastic quality coffee that’s super fresh.

The machine isn’t the only thing you have to choose though, there are multiple factors to consider to ensure it’s the best choice for your specific office. For example, capacity, convenience, quality, durability and efficiency.

Supply and Demand

The first point to take into consideration is the size of your office, how many people are in your office and of that number how many drink coffee? Will you be hosting client meetings or having guests in the office who may want a drink too?

The last thing you want is to have to refill the water tank after every single cup, but if you have a small office then you don’t want lukewarm coffee sitting in the same coffee pot all day.

Some high end coffee makers have a hot water dispenser, this can be worth the extra investment as you can include the tea/hot chocolate drinkers and it widens the amount of people who benefit from the machine – helping with team morale as everyone feels included!


When it comes to office coffee makers, you want to know two things: How easy is it to make the coffee, and how easy is it to clean up afterwards. You don’t want your team spending 10 minutes each morning and lunch making a coffee – imagine how much time that is once it’s accumulated over the year for each person!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a pod/k cup coffee maker is the most convenient, making your coffee at the touch of a button – but these are single serve coffee makers, which is not ideal for large offices.

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It’s a task none of us particularly want to do, but cleaning and maintenance is vital for ensuring the best life of your machine, and the best quality.

Cleaning the machine prevents mineral and limescale build up and therefore allows you to get your money’s worth while producing the best quality coffee possible. Some coffee makers have features such as a removable water reservoir and drip tray, which are super handy when it comes to cleaning.


One of the key reasons for providing a coffee machine in an office is the amount of time that is saved from employees leaving the office to grab a coffee from a nearby cafe. If the machine you invest in doesn’t produce good quality coffee then surely it defeats the object of having a coffee maker – staff will still leave to get the quality they want.

Sure, if you’re on a budget then instant coffee is better than none, but those who are willing to pay $4-5 per cup at a cafe will appreciate delicious coffee and the aroma it brings to an office.

Think about how fresh you want the coffee to be. Coffee beans that are freshly ground each time are the best but not appropriate in an office environment when it comes down to efficiency. There are many K Cup coffee makers with next gen brewing technology, which brew very flavourful coffee these days.


If you’re investing money into a good quality, time saving coffee machine you want to be assured that it is going to stand the test of time. Be sure to use reputable brands and clean regularly as this will keep everything running smoothly.

Best Office Coffee Maker – The Reviews

Now you know what to be looking out for when buying a coffee maker for your office, so lets take a look at some we’ve found.

Keurig K-Mini

best office coffee maker

Key features:

  • Single serve
  • Less than 5 inches wide
  • 5.94 pounds
  • Energy efficient
  • Travel mug friendly

This coffee machine is ideal for small offices with only a couple of coffee drinkers. It holds enough water for a single cup, so has to be refilled after every brew. This is both an advantage and disadvantage – it ensures fresh water with every cup, but is far from ideal if there is a queue!

It claims that it’s compatible with the K-cup universal reusable coffee filter so you can use your own ground coffee however there have been some reports that this doesn’t always work.

The size of this machine is the obvious advantage – it can fit anywhere in the office and isn’t big or bulky. It is also really simple to use, fill your cup with the desired amount of water, pour into the reservoir, pop the pod in and press the button on top! Convenient, efficient, and each person can choose their own flavour – resulting in no arguments in the office over which flavour grounds there is.

Another advantage is the automatic shut off feature. This machine will turn off 90 seconds after the last brew – saving on electricity bills while providing your office with the daily pick me up.

Check price on Amazon

Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn

best office coffee maker

Key features:

  • 15 – 45 cups
  • Easy to fill
  • Ready to serve indicator light
  • 1 minute to brew each cup
  • 2 year warranty

This coffee maker is made to handle a crowd, ideal for business meetings, gatherings and functions. Therefore if you have a small office this probably isn’t the one for you.

This makes one type of coffee on a large volume – it ticks the box for convenience, but the quality may be lacking. The lid and brew basket is dishwasher safe, and due to the simplicity of the design it is super easy to clean. 

This brand prides itself on the fact it only takes 1 minute to brew each cup, however…that’s 45 minutes to brew the entire urn. It may last the entire day but is not the machine to use if you want a quick cup. It has water level markings on the inside which does make the urn easy to fill.

A big thing to point out is that there is no ‘keep hot’ feature, so once brewed and up to temperature it does not maintain that temperature. This could be okay for a meeting but not a busy office that wants coffee all day.

I would recommend only buying this product if your office has big meetings very often, it is not made for day to day office use.

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Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

best office coffee maker

Key features:

  • 75 ounce water reservoir
  • Brews in under a minute
  • Brewer maintenance reminder
  • Quiet brew technology
  • Single serve
  • Hot water dispenser

This coffee maker allows you to brew 8 cups of coffee before refilling the water reservoir, which saves time and improves efficiency especially as each cup brews in less than a minute. There is also a button that lights up to tell you when you need to refill the water.

One thing to note is that it is only compatible with K Cups, which are super fast and convenient, but expensive.

A great feature of this machine is the brewer maintenance reminder – it alerts you when it is time to descale the coffee maker to remove built up calcium deposits, to ensure the coffee is the best possible quality. You can choose the size cup that you would like, as well as if you’d like it strong or not, making this a personal experience and ensuring nothing goes to waste.

It uses quiet brew technology to minimise noise when the coffee maker is in use – perfect for offices as there’s nothing worse than needless noise when staff are trying to concentrate or make phone calls.

This coffee maker also serves everyone’s individual tastes. It can be used for coffee, hot chocolate, iced beverages and even has a hot water feature that can be used for tea and soups! The use of pods means that each person can choose their own flavour that they prefer. These features are important within an office environment as it ensures that everyone is included. There is also an option to brew your own ground coffee but you need to buy the K-cup coffee filter separate.

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Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Coffee Maker

best office coffee maker

Key features:

  • Two ways to brew – carafe/single serve
  • Separate water reservoirs
  • Programmable timer
  • Choose brew strength
  • Pod or grounds

This coffee maker gives the best of both worlds with two brewing functions. The single serve side comes with a pod holder and a grounds basket so you can choose whether to use a K-cup pod or your own ground coffee.

The pod piercing needle is removable for easy cleaning to prevent clogging. The other half of this coffee maker allows for a 12 cup carafe to be brewed, complete with a programmable timer and 2 hour auto shut-off.

There are separate reservoirs for each brewer, they are easy to fill and also include a window so you always know how much water is in each. This two way system pleases all kinds of coffee lovers, making it perfect for an office. Those who like single serve pod coffee can do as they wish, meanwhile there can always be a carafe of coffee for those who want a top up every now and again.

You can choose whether you would like bold or regular coffee which adheres to each individual’s needs. The auto pause and serve allows you to remove the carafe and pour a cup without any dripping, paired with the auto shut off so you can have peace of mind without wondering if you left the office with it still on.

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Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Maker

best office coffee maker

Key features:

  • 12 cup
  • Includes a coffee filter
  • K-cup compatible
  • Dual brew process – carafe/single serve

This coffee maker comes with both a 12 cup carafe option and a single serve coffee maker with different brew sizes. This is ideal for an office as it has both options to satisfy everyone. It comes with a reusable filter cup so you can brew your own preferred coffee grounds if you don’t want to use a pod. It has a simple to use control panel, 24 hour programmability and temperature control.

A big feature of this machine is the self clean ability. As mentioned earlier, ability to clean is important as it stops the build up of limescale and allows your coffee machine to give the best quality coffee. This machine does it automatically so there’s no need for arguments on who’s turn it is to clean.

There are two seperate water tanks which makes refilling easy. This maker also comes with Cuisinart coffee bar sample capsules in different flavours, allowing you to try the pods before you commit to buying something you’re unsure of.

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In summary, I would recommend the Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker for an office.

I think it has all the features needed to facilitate an office. For example, you can get 8 cups out of the reservoir before refilling which is the happy medium between refilling after every cup and having stale water sat all day. It is quiet, easy to use and simple to clean thanks to the brewer maintenance reminder.

The Keurig K-Elite has all of these features while allowing team members to make a beverage of their individual choice and tastes, including iced drinks.

You can check out more of our coffee maker reviews if you haven’t you’re perfect coffee maker yet.

Let us know which one you went for in the comments!

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