You Want To Try Bones Coffee? You Should

Coffee lovers are always searching for the next coffee to try. Whether that be a single origin or a blend, we keep our eyes open. This is probably why you’ve heard of the Bones Coffee company.

This Bones Coffee review will reveal whether you should give it a try, or bury it in the ground. (because they’re bones, get it, too much of a stretch? Alright.)

We’ve covered the important topics about the coffee and the brand so you can decide whether to give this unique coffee a try.

These are the Bones Coffee flavours we’ll be looking at:

Why You’ve Heard Of Bones Coffee

Bones Coffee produces some of the craziest flavours of coffee you’ve ever heard of. Some of them make you think ‘well, that’s a strange flavour of coffee’, but simultaneously gets your curiosity tingling to the point you want to try it.

Some of their flavours include Maple Bacon, Salted Caramel, High Voltage and Jamaican Me Crazy which is a vanilla caramel blend. Their fun and unique coffee bags stand out from the rest. It’s cool to see a coffee brand that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, is willing to have a joke, and experiments with their flavours which no other coffee brand would do.

It is for this reason that you’ve probably heard of Bones Coffee and why you’ve come to see what all the fuss is about.

coffee with strawberry cheesecake

A Bit Of Background Info

At Bones Coffee, they believe coffee isn’t just a drink to get you started each morning, but an experience. I’d have to agree with them. The more you drink coffee, the more you try different blends, flavours, and origins, the more you grow sensitive to the different notes and textures. This makes each cup an experience.

Brewing your coffee each morning can become an almost ritual like routine, which is why the quality of your coffee matters. You don’t want to spend ten or fifteen minutes brewing a cuppa for it to taste like dirty dishwater.

Bones Coffee pride themselves on small batch roasting only the top selected beans. You can tell they care, as you get a rich, full bodied and smooth taste, as long as you brew it right!

But we’ve put their coffee to the test to see if it really does meet expectations, so you know if they’re worth giving a go or not. Hint: Bones Coffee definitely does not taste like dirty dishwater.

What Types Of Coffee Do They Offer?

Single Origin

At the time of writing, Bones Coffee has 5 single origin coffee bags to offer us. These include Sumatra, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya and Colombia.

You can also try a ‘world tour’ sample pack which gives you the opportunity to give them all a go. You can get them in either whole bean or ground in case you haven’t bought yourself a grinder yet.

The coffee from these countries are up there with the best on the planet, with my favourite going to Colombia. They tend to have a caramel sweetness to them, paired with a nutty undertone. They’re sweet, medium bodied, with a subtle acidity to them, which makes them quite distinct and recognisable.


Decaf coffee has come on leaps and bounds in quality over the years. The processes of how coffee is decaffeinated have improved dramatically, and therefore it can retain all those flavours and notes.

Bones Coffee has 6 decaf options from some of their most favoured flavours like Maple Bacon and Strawberry Cheesecake. We haven’t managed to get our hands on any decaf yet to give it a try, but there are many reviews online giving them a fantastic score.

Single-Serve Cups

You’re in luck if you came here to find out whether Bones Coffee sells K Cups, because they do! Infact, they have quite a wide range of them.

You get 12 in each box which I think isn’t too much, so you could think about getting a reusable K Cup and using that with their ground coffee. You’ll be saving money on coffee, plus you have a wider range of coffee you can try. Win-win.

You can find our Keurig coffee maker reviews here for some tasty single serve brewing!

12oz Bags

Most of their products come in a 12oz bag, in fact they have 34 flavours, blends and origins to try.

Something I really like about Bones Coffee is the fact they roast all of their coffee to order, so it’s not sitting in a warehouse for a week before someone buys it.

This shows they care about the quality of coffee you drink, and not just about the numbers. It really shows too. The coffee is always fresh and the aromas that come from the bag when you first open it are beautiful, infact, I swear the beans were still hot! (jokes, but they’re super fresh)

Brand Ethics

According to, a leading website when researching brands and shops, Bones Coffee supports ethical practices.

I couldn’t find anything on their website, but their amazon page states that all the coffee beans are sourced ethically. It’s reported that they’re going for a Fair Trade certification which would be good to see.

coffee with cinnamon rolls

Bones Coffee – The Reviews

Alright, Now that you’re an expert on the Bones Coffee brand and their products, let’s dive into the reviews.

Firstly there are a few things that are consistent with all the coffees we got to review, so I’ll include them up here instead of repeating myself several times. They are all:

  • 100% arabica coffee
  • Ethically sourced
  • Medium roast
  • Pretty low in acidity
  • Vegan and Keto friendly
  • Available in ground or whole beans

Strawberry Cheesecake Coffee

bones coffee review

Key features:

  • Strong, sweet aroma
  • Sweet strawberry and savoury cheesecake flavours
  • Not overpowering

One of the first things that should be mentioned in these reviews is the customer service is spot on. A lot of people that had a negative experience with shipping, or quality of their coffee have had their problem resolved very quickly once notifying Bones Coffee customer service. If you do have a problem, let them know and I’m sure they’ll sort it out.

The flavour of the coffee is amazing, you really taste the strawberry cheesecake. It’s not overpowering and certainly not too subtle, I think they’ve got a great balance. There aren’t many strawberry flavoured coffees on the market at the moment, certainly not ones you could drink often. But I think I could happily drink this for a month straight without getting bored of it.

It’s smooth, rich and full of flavour. Definitely a great coffee to start with if you want to explore the range of Bones Coffees.

Check price on Amazon

Sinn-O-Bunn Cinnamon Coffee

Bones coffee review

Key features:

  • Iced cinnamon roll flavours
  • Low acidity

This cinnamon flavour makes you feel warm inside. It’s a great coffee to drink when you wake up on a cold morning, you’ve just gotten in from walking the dogs, and you need something to warm you up.

There’s a reason 94% of the reviews by amazon customers are a five star review. Once you open the bag of coffee for the first time, the aroma of cinnamon and sweet frosting hit you and makes you pause for a second. The beans are slightly oily, which screams freshness and good quality.

Like the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour, it’s not overpowering or too subtle. Once again they have the balance absolutely perfect. I’m not a big fan of flavoured coffees as I like to taste everything the bean itself has to offer, but I don’t know how you couldn’t enjoy this coffee when you’re feeling like a change, or something sweet. Highly recommend it.

Check price on Amazon

S’morey Time Coffee

bones coffee review

Key features:

  • Chocolate and toasted marshmallow flavour
  • Hint of sweet graham cracker
  • Super smooth and rich

If you’re heading on a camping trip soon, or you’re having a few friends around in the garden for a catch up, get yourself a bag of this coffee. This flavour will take you back to those times when you were a kid out camping, around a fire and sharing ghost stories.

This coffee also gets an unbelievable score by amazon customer ratings, where 93% have given a five star rating.

This flavour is quite strong in its sweetness. It is more like a coffee tasting chocolatey drink than the other way around. That’s not a problem if you are looking for a tasty sweet beverage. If you’re looking for a sweet coffee, you might be disappointed at just how sweet this one is, and how it doesn’t taste like coffee much.

Check price on Amazon

Salted Caramel Coffee

bones coffee review

Key features:

  • Salted caramel candy flavoured
  • Smooth
  • Rich in texture

Another tasty coffee we enjoyed. It’s again not overly sweet and you’ll not tire of the subtle flavours that present themselves. I found for those people that like something sweet to start their day, this is a great balance between coffee and sweetness.

One thing that you will notice with this coffee, that is also true for others they produce, but especially with this one, is the aroma. When you start brewing, the entire kitchen fills with the sweet smells. It definitely turns a few heads if you’re brewing in an office.

Plus, on the packaging, the skeleton is doing the Salt Bae thing, it gets my vote just for that.

Check price on Amazon

Maple Bacon Coffee

bones coffee review

Key features:

  • Unique flavour
  • Sweet with a savour undertone
  • Extremely smooth

I thought that we’d save the most unique until last. If you’re like me, then you might have turned your nose up at this flavour when you first read it. Maple Bacon? In coffee? I know, sounds weird.

The thing is, my curiosity got the better of me, and I had to try it. And I liked it. But I can understand why some people wouldn’t. I wouldn’t drink it all the time, but I can say that i’ve tried Maple Bacon flavoured coffee! Plus, who doesn’t like maple bacon for breakfast with a side of coffee. So why not mix the two.

It’s a good flavour, you can taste the maple syrup and a hint of savoury in there. Labelling coffee as tasting good or bad is difficult because our taste buds are all different. It’s certainly worth a try to make your own decision on it, but it is unique!

Check price on Amazon

Variety Sample Pack

bones coffee review

If you’re undecided about which flavour to pick, no dramas. Order yourself the variety pack which comes with five different coffees, all of which are the ones we’ve reviewed apart from the Salted Caramel. Thats swapped out for the Highland Grog, which is spiced rum, butterscotch and caramel, yum!

Check price on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Bones coffee is a unique brand that’s pushing the boundaries of flavoured coffee, and doing it in style. They offer high quality coffee that’s fresh and roasted to order, as well as producing some insanely different flavours.

Personally, my favourite has to go to the Sinn-O-Bunn coffee, although Strawberry Cheesecake comes in at a close second. I just think the subtle sweetness of cinnamon goes so well with the coffee. It’s not overpowering and has a beautiful balance. Plus the smell is delicious. I highly recommend you give it a go.

You’re going to need a decent coffee maker for brew your cuppa. Check out our best grind and brew coffee maker reviews.

Let us know what Bones Coffee flavor you went for in the comments!

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