Today you’re really spoilt for choice on the amount of coffee makers there are. From basic, entry level machines, to full blown espresso machines for those who want to refine their craft.

Some coffee lovers might want to settle for the middle ground, finding a coffee maker that can produce espressos as well as drip coffee. So let me introduce to you, the super-automatic De’Longhi BCO430 dual coffee maker.

In our De’Longhi BCO430 review we’ve covered everything you need to know about the machine, to see if it’s the right match for you. So, shall we take a look?

How The De’Longhi BCO430 Works

With the De’longhi having 3 different sections to it, there’s a little bit of cleaning and set up to do, before you can start brewing a cuppa.

You should allow about 45 minutes to an hour for the set up, which is quite a bit longer than we thought it would be.

There’s an instruction manual in the box which guides you through what you need to do. It’s mostly hand cleaning all of the accessories and removable parts. You also need to clean the internal parts of the machine.

To do this, you need to start the brewing process using only water, and because there are two ways to brew your coffee, you need to do this for both methods.

All in all, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to get all the set up done. It’s a little bit of a pain, but once done you’ll never have to do it again.

delonghi BCO430 review 

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How The Making Coffee Bit Works

To make a carafe of coffee using the De’longhi, we first swivel the top right of the machine out towards us, easily revealing the brew basket and water reservoir.

Insert the amount of ground coffee you want to use into the brew basket. Then add how much water you want to use to brew the coffee into the water reservoir, which sits directly below the basket.

Hit the on/off button for the carafe side, and away we go brewing a carafe of coffee.

To brew an espresso, there is a separate water reservoir that is also accessible from the front of the machine, but on the left.

Simply add water to the reservoir, and ground coffee into the portafilter. Don’t forget to tamp! Insert and lock in to place the portafilter, and begin to extract your espresso.

The machine won’t stop for you, so you’ll have to stop the extraction manually. Around 20-30 seconds is a good starting point, but you can have a tinker with the time to get the best flavour for you.

To add to your espresso, if you’re fancying a latte or cappuccino, you can use the steam wand. It takes about a minute and a half, to two minutes for the steam to heat up. Once ready, you can insert the wand into your jug of milk and begin to steam.

It’s a pretty good steam wand that allows you to create differently textured milk, but more on this later.

Once the setup is out of the way, the De’longhi is a straight-forward machine to operate, with a lot of choice on what sort of coffee you want to brew.

espresso on white table

The Key Features

Let’s have a look at some of the best and most important features the De’longhi BCO430 has to offer.

The Boiler System

The De’Longhi features a single aluminium boiler, which normally means we can use either the espresso side, or the drip coffee side, not both at the same time.

Unlike many machines with a single boiler, the BCO430 allows you to brew an espresso, as well as a carafe of drip coffee, at the same time.

A dual boiler often makes the price of the machine much higher, so the fact you can use both sides of the machine with the one boiler, is a huge plus.

The bottom line is the De’longhi has one boiler, which keeps the price lower, and you can use the single boiler to brew coffees with both sides of the machine.

Water Reservoirs

There are two water reservoirs, one for each side, so lets cover them individually.

The drip coffee side has a 47oz water reservoir, which is not removable, but is conveniently accessed from the front right of the machine. It swivels out, revealing the brew basket and water reservoir.

The second tank is for the espresso side and holds 40oz of water. This can be accessed from the front left of the machine, but this time can be removed. This allows you to take the reservoir over to the sink, for easy and convenient refilling.

In total, you have 87oz of water that can be held at any one time. That’s quite a lot. Although, if you’re going to be using one side more than the other, then you’ll have to refill the tanks more often.

Also, there’s a carbon filter in the water tank, decreasing how often you need to descale your machine. I like this, because cleaning your machine, although vital, is a chore. The less I have to clean it, the better.

Milk Frothing

The BCO430 has a fantastic milk frother. Although not commercial grade, the wand pivots and has the ability to create different textures of milk, assuming you know what you’re doing.

The thing with a milk frother that takes some getting used to, is that you may need just a little bit of practise before you start making beautifully, creamy, smooth milk.

But once you get the knack, you’ll say goodbye to cafe coffees, as there’s nothing quite like creating your own latte.

Warming Tray

This is a nice little touch that I like to see. Every coffee machine has a boiler, which heats up the top of the machine as a result of just being on.

In cafes, you often see all the cups placed on top of the espresso machine. This isn’t just for convenience. It also keeps the cups warm, therefore keeping the coffee in the cup warmer for longer.

The De’longhi also does this. You can place all your cups (or all that will fit) on the top of the machine, and when you come to brew a coffee, you have pre-warmed cups.

Like I say, not essential, but certainly a nice touch.

Brewing Capacity

On the espresso side of things, you can get 6 shots of espresso before you have to refill the water tank. The drip coffee side can produce around 10 cups of carafe coffee.

For people who live in a small household, this is most likely more than enough coffee for you not to have to refill the water reservoir all the time.

If you live in a larger household that all drink coffee, then you’ll probably have to refill more frequently.

It’s Programmable

Yes, it’s a feature that seems to be ever more popular. Having a machine brew you a coffee first thing in the morning, before you’re even out of bed, is a luxury to say the least.

The drip coffee side can be set to brew a coffee at any point in the following 24 hours. So you can set it for when you wake up, when you get in from work, or even when you’re finishing a meal.

What About The Cleaning And Maintenance?

Essential for keeping your coffee as flavourful as possible, the cleaning and maintenance of the machine shouldn’t be forgotten about. At the end of the day, you deserve only the best coffee, so make sure you’re getting it!

After each use of the machine, give it a once over. The brew head, portafilter, and steam wand should be given a rinse or a wipe with a cloth when finished.

Other parts, like the water reservoir, filter basket, and drip tray, should be cleaned quite regularly too. You don’t want used coffee ground making it into places it shouldn’t be.

De’longhi recommends giving the machine a deep clean every 300 coffees. This means descaling and cleaning the internal workings of the coffee maker.

There is quite a bit to clean, but if you make it a habit it doesn’t take you long at all.

How’s The Quality Of The Coffee?

The BC0430 produces a flavourful and rich cup of coffee. Being an all-in-one coffee maker, there are a range of drinks you can make yourself.

In the box also comes a tamper for packing down the ground coffee into the portafilter. It’s made from lightweight plastic, so you may struggle to apply the necessary force in order to pack the grounds tight.

It might be worth investing in a good tamper, as this is an important step for making high quality espresso.

Coming with a steam wand, portafilter, tamper, and manual extraction time, the De’longhi is the perfect machine for someone wanting to try their hand at creating espresso’s. However, if you’re a little more advanced, there are some other machines you should check out.

If you’re not the best at making espresso based drinks, yet, then you have the drip coffee side to fall back on. Plus it brews a tasty coffee, and it’s ideal for when a large number of people are around.

So overall, the quality of the coffee is pretty great.

delonghi BCO430 review

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What We Like

Here are some of the things we found that got a thumbs up from us.

The Design

First thing we noticed is how shiny and polished the machine looks. The black and silver highlights give it a stylish design which would look good on any kitchen counter.

It’s not just the outside that looks impressive, but also the design of the functionality. It’s really easy to find and use the water reservoirs and filter baskets.

Plus the buttons and user interface are simple and straightforward. There’s nothing complicated about the De’longhi, once you’ve set it up that is.

The Price Tag

So, let’s have a re-cap about what you actually get with the De’longhi.

A 15-bar pressure pump extraction process, a steam wand, a drip coffee side, a carafe, programability, cup warmer, beautiful design, and you can use both sides at the same time if you need to.

That is a lot of features for the price of the machine, which I’d say is a mid price range coffee maker.

These features are even before mentioning the quality of the coffee. So yeah, I think the value for money with this machine is hard to beat.


It really is a great feature to have. When you wake up to a coffee maker having already brewed you a coffee, without having to lift a finger, it’s hard to go back.

The brew timer works really well on the De’longhi and is something that gets our vote. It’s convenient, satisfying, and makes the experience of using the machine better.

What We Didn’t Like

So we have to bear in mind first the price at which the De’longhi sits at. You’re not paying for a top of the range espresso machine, or pour-over coffee maker. But there are some things that would improve the BCO430.

There’s No Grinder

When the De’longhi has a programmer, two ways to brew a coffee, and all the other little features, it makes me wonder why there is no grinder.

If you’re creating a dual coffee maker, with an espresso machine, then I would assume you would put a grinder in the machine.

Then again it is already quite large, so maybe that’s why they didn’t add one.

Bottom line is, you need a coffee grinder if you want to drink the most flavourful and delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home. There’s no two ways about it.

So you may consider having to buy a separate coffee grinder. But don’t fret. There are some super affordable burr grinders, of which we have an article about, which you can check out here: Best Hand Coffee Grinders 

espresso in glass on wooden table

Who Is The De’Longhi BCO430 Not For?

If you relate to some of these sentences, then maybe check out some other machines that might be more fitting to your needs.

You’re An Experienced Barista Looking For An At-Home Espresso Machine

If you spend your days making coffee on a commercial espresso machine, having gotten your technique down to a tee, and then come home to something like the De’longhi, it may be a bit of a let down.

You might be better off looking at some Gaggia espresso machines. They are focused on being an espresso machine for the home, and offer the same freedom for making espressos and drinks your way.

You Have A Small Kitchen

The dimensions of the De’longhi are 11 x 14.5 x 12.7 inches (LxWxH), so it’s not very small and compact.

Because there’s essentially two coffee makers merged into one, it’s going to take up a lot of room.

So, to save you from the heartbreak of buying this machine, for you to receive it and realise that it doesn’t fit in your kitchen, maybe checkout some of the Nespresso range, like the Evoluo, or Citiz.

De’longhi even has a super compact espresso machine that has a width of less than six inches. It’s called the Dedica, so I’d recommend checking those reviews out before deciding on your coffee maker.

Some Alternatives

In case your search for the perfect coffee maker is still underway, here are some alternatives you could check out.

De’Longhi Dedica

delonghi BCO430 review 

I mentioned this compact espresso maker a little further up. It comes with a steam wand and cup warmer, and is less than 6 inches wide. It produces a beautiful espresso and froths milk to how you want it. Here’s our full length De’Longhi Dedica review.

Check price on Amazon

Gaggia Brera

delonghi bco430 review 

Gaggia is a brand that’s been around for a very long time, and even invented the first espresso machine to be used at home.

The Brera does everything from grinding up your beans, to extracting your espresso. It’s a beautiful looking machine and brings some authentic Italian espresso into your kitchen. You can check out our full review here: Gaggia Brera review.

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Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

delonghi bco430 review 

The Flexbrew does everything and anything. You can use pre-ground coffee, whole beans, or even K cups. The user interface couldn’t be much simpler. Certainly worth a look if you’re in the market for a dual coffee maker.

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The De’longhi BCO430 is perfect for us coffee lovers that want the best of both worlds. Maybe you have a household that loves both espressos, and carafes of drip coffee. Maybe you’re someone who fancies trying to create your own lattes and cappuccinos.

It is overall a useful appliance that’s going to produce good tasting coffee, give you multiple options for brewing, and won’t take too much time to clean and maintain.

Check out some of our other coffee maker reviews if you haven’t found your perfect coffee machine yet.

If you love the De’Longhi, here are some coffee beans reviews to get your started brewing!

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