The Keurig K475 Review: What You Need To Know

So you’re thinking of getting yourself a coffee maker ey? Good! They’re fantastic and I can’t even remember life without mine. They allow you to brew top quality coffee from the comfort of your own home. 

But what do you need to consider when buying one? Well we’ve put together this Keurig K475 review to outline what you need to keep in mind. We’ve sorted the good from the bad, plus how to tell if this isn’t the coffee maker for you.

The Keurig K475 – The Important Stuff

Lets jump straight into the things that matter. It’s all good looking at the features, but we need to know that the foundations are set first.

keurig K475 review

Value – 4/5

Firstly, this is not a cheap coffee maker. But even though it’s a little expensive, the value for money is great. If you have the budget for the Keurig K475 coffee maker you’ll be getting a lot for your buck. After sifting through thousands of reviews online, I only found a couple that said they didn’t feel satisfied with the value for money.

It’s a big coffee maker with a lot of features that make up for the extra dollars you spend. Not just the features, but the quality of coffee is great too.

When buying yourself a coffee maker and looking at the budget, you have to take into consideration the amount of coffees you won’t be buying when you’re out and about. This will add up over the year. The better quality coffee you have at home or in the office, the less likely you’re going to spend money in cafes.

Quality – 4.5/5

We’ll start off with the quality of the coffee, which to no surprise is very good. Keurig have been in the game for a long time now and are one of the giants in the industry. Their coffee makers are pretty consistent with coffee quality.

A few people say that they end up getting coffee grounds in their coffee. This most likely isn’t down to the fault of the Keurig, but a lack of maintenance. It’s a super easy fix, you just need to give it a clean.

The quality of the build is good. You can tell it’s mostly made out of plastic, but it’s not that flimsy type of plastic, it’s pretty solid. If there are any manufacturing issues, you’re covered under a one year warranty anyway.

One problem that comes up often is the touchscreen you use to navigate the menu can malfunction. Customers sometimes report lines flickering across the screen, and or becoming unresponsive. If this does happen though, you’re most probably covered under the warranty.

Size – 4/5

Dimensions: 10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches

Weight: 12.8 pounds

The K475 is quite a large coffee maker, so before you buy, make sure you can afford to sacrifice the room. If it’s sitting on your kitchen top, be careful that you still have enough room to cook and do all the necessities. If you’re putting it under a cupboard, ensure there are 5 or 6 inches of space above it for inserting K Cups.

You also need to think about if it can have a permanent home somewhere, you don’t want to be moving it around all the time, especially at close to 13 pounds.

It has a very large water reservoir that holds 70oz of water. That’s enough to make around 8 cups of coffee before needing to refill it! Very handy as you’re not constantly having to keep it topped up. Depending how many cups you get through a day, it could last you most of the week.

Aesthetics and User Friendliness – 4/5

The K475 sits proudly on your kitchen top and looks very stylish. The black and silver colours go very well together, giving the Keurig a professional finish. I really like the curved edges too. They’re not hard on the eye.

The touchscreen that’s located in the centre is easy to use and a decent size. There aren’t buttons scattered everywhere. It’s all pretty tidy and uncomplicated to figure out, so i’d say the user friendliness is pretty good.

Sometimes the touchscreen can be difficult to get used to, especially if you’re not used to using one. Once you figure it out though, it’s a quick process from walking into the kitchen to sipping your brew.

The cleaning is pretty easy to do. Things like the drip tray and water reservoir being removable make cleaning them in the sink simple. You also can use a ‘cleaning’ K Cup to do the inside. Failing that as they’re a little expensive, you can just use vinegar and water.

Durability – 4.5/5

Keurigs tend to be very long lasting, with some customers having theirs for many years. Sometimes up to 10! With the money you pay for this coffee maker, you’d expect it to last a long time, which it does for most people.

There are a couple of reviews that say theirs broke within the first year, which is annoying, but you’re covered under the warranty. There aren’t a lot of reviews which mention the K475 breaking down. Unless you’ve been a bit unlucky, I think it’s safe to say you’re going to have this Keurig for a while.

If you clean and maintain your machine well, you’ll improve the lifespan considerably, and the quality of your brew.

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espresso with coffee beans around it

Alright, Tell Me About The Gadgets

Okay okay, now we’ve got the sensible things out of the way, let’s focus on the cool features. After all, these are the parts that are going to make your coffee brewing experience enjoyable. Plus you can show off to your mates.

Removable Water Reservoir

Always an important feature for me. Not only does it make cleaning much easier, but also refilling. It’s hard to pour the water from a jug straight into the reservoir without spilling a drop, especially with one this large. Plus you’d probably have to make a couple of trips.

Because cleaning is important to keep the quality of the brew consistent, it’s one of those jobs that needs doing but you often can’t be bothered. Being easy to clean means you’re more likely to do it, and so your coffee quality doesn’t suffer.

Adjustable Brew Size

The Keurig K475 is compatible with K Cups and K Carafe pods, for the times you need a lot of coffee. Ideal for when you have friends over or the family around for dinner and a lot of people want a cuppa.

Not only can you choose between a single serve and carafe, you can also choose the size of each. The single serve options are 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounce cups. The carafe comes with 22, 26, and 30 ounce options.

Strength Control

Fantastic if you have a household that all like their coffee different strengths. If someone prefers that stronger cup, no worries there’s an option for that. If someone wants an extra hot cup of coffee then you can adjust the temperature of your cuppa too.

Auto On/Off Setting

A very handy feature is the fact you can choose when you want the K475 to turn on and off. You can programme it to turn on just before you wake up so it’s already warmed by the time you’re downstairs. Then you can programme it to turn off for when you leave the house. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

Setting an off time is also going to save you money on your energy bills. These things are expensive to power. Having it turned on only when your brewing means your not spending money when you don’t need to be. Always a plus!

Keurig Reusable K Cup Compatible

There’s a big controversy around the Keurig 2.0 models for the simple reason that they introduced a Digital Rights Management (DRM) into their range. This caused outrage at the fact you couldn’t brew any K Cup you wanted.

It is true there are many Keurig branded K Cups out there, hundreds even, but that doesn’t come close to the variety of coffee you can try with a reusable K Cup. Yes it may be more effort to fill up the K Cups everytime you want a cuppa (not really), but for those of us that like super fresh coffee, or to try different single origin coffee from around the world, reusable K cups are the way to go.


It’s a bold move from Keurig to have a touchscreen as the main way to navigate around the menus. Unless a touchscreen is top quality, it can often feel cheap and doesn’t take a long for it to start going faulty or to stop working at all.

There are a lot of reviews that say it works well and without a fault. But it seems to be the main negative about the K475. If something goes wrong, it tends to be the touchscreen. If that breaks then you can’t use the coffee maker as there are no buttons as an alternative.

The Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • Easy to use interface
  • Reusable K Cup compatible
  • Brews fast
  • Auto turn on/off
  • Huge water reservoir (70 oz)
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Adjustable brew size
  • Carafe and single serve option
  • Easy to clean


  • Large footprint
  • Expensive
  • Carafe is sold separately

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Who Is The Keurig K475 Not For?

Sometimes it’s a long list of people that would enjoy this coffee maker, and would get full use out of it. Therefore it’s easier to give you reasons why it might not be ideal. If you resonate with any of these sentences, you might want to look at alternative coffee makers.

I don’t have a lot of room and need something compact

This is very important to consider size when buying a coffee maker, especially one that’s big. If you have a kitchen with a small countertop, you might want to be looking for something slightly smaller, like the Nespresso Essenza Mini.

Don’t get me wrong, coffee is important! But so is being able to cook without getting stressed out. For a machine that you might use a couple of times a day, you shouldn’t sacrifice too much room.

I want to make espresso based milk drinks

If you want to make barista style cappuccinos or lattes at home, you should probably go for something like the Keurig K Cafe instead. Unless you’re willing to settle for latte or cappuccino K Cups instead.

This K475 makes a good cup of coffee that you can add milk to if you want, but it doesn’t come with a steam wand to froth the milk if that’s what you’re imagining. Alternatively, you can buy a separate milk frother which you can pour on top of a single serve coffee. It’s not going to be the best latte you’ve ever had, but it’ll be pretty good and you can enjoy it from the sofa.

I need something cheap

I certainly wouldn’t class the K475 as cheap, so maybe it may be slightly out of your budget if that’s what you’re after. If you’re looking for something on the other end of the price scale, but don’t want to sacrifice on quality, check out the range of Cuisinart coffee makers.

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Final Thoughts

The Keurig K475 is a great coffee maker for many reasons. You can brew many different single serve and carafe sizes, also the on/off feature is great, plus it consistently makes a very tasty brew.

I like the design of it, even though it might be rather large and bulky. With the large size however, comes a very large water reservoir which I find to be very convenient.

If you’re wanting to quick brew with lots of options, and a coffee maker that’s going to last a while, the Keurig K475 is going to be a good match.

You can find more Keurig reviews here.


We’ve put together a couple of other alternatives you can check out in case the K475 doesn’t float your boat.

Keurig K-Classic

keurig k475 review

The K-Classic is called the classic for a reason. With nearly twenty thousand reviews on amazon, and a number one best seller, it’s definitely a favourite among coffee lovers. It’s affordable, flexible in brewing capacity and produces an excellent brew. Definitely a contender.

Check price on Amazon

Keurig K-Cafe

keurig K475 review

This is the Keurig to get if you’re wanting those barista speciality coffees. It comes with a built in milk frother so you can make lattes, cappuccinos or flat whites. We’ve done a complete review on it so you can explore all of its features.

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