Alto Mogiana Mineira, El Dorado, BRAZIL


  • Tasting Notes – Dark chocolate, mango, raspberry.
  • Roast – Medium Dark
  • Growing Altitude – 1205 masl
  • Processing – Honey, Pulped Natural
  • Certifications – RFA, 4C, Premium Cup of Excellence
  • Varietal – Red Catuai
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Hailing from El Dorado, Brazil, our Alto Mogiana Mineira coffee reveals an unmatched charm. Specifically, this medium-dark roast flourishes at an altitude of 1205 masl. Accordingly, the distinctive blend carries notes of dark chocolate, mango, and raspberry. With honey and pulped natural processing, it further enriches the coffee’s character. This results in vibrant sweet flavours and alluring caramel notes.

Notably, the robust Red Catuai varietal forms the heart of this brew. Subsequently, it has earned RFA, 4C, and Premium Cup of Excellence certifications. In 2017, El Dorado proudly clinched the 16th spot in the Cup of Excellence Naturals Category. Moreover, they led the Microlots category at an AMSC event. Always pushing the boundaries, they continually embrace new drying processes like raised African beds and controlled fermentation.

Behind El Dorado’s coffee stands the devoted Faleiros family. Starting with Mr Laerce Franca Faleiros, who brings a 55-year-long coffee legacy. Alongside him, his wife, Maria Lucia Vilhena, adds to this rich tradition. Currently, their son, Elvis, manages the farm, preserving their heritage. Focused on sustainability and quality, he introduced coffee fermentation in 2014. Hence, he infused vibrant flavours from lemon, wine tangerine, and more.

Beyond their farm, El Dorado significantly impacts the coffee community. In 2001, Mr Laerce founded the Cocapil cooperative. This establishment serves as a vibrant hub for preparing and storing coffee. Concentrating on fine and speciality coffees, Cocapil notably processed over 300,000 bags of coffee in 2020. Consequently, they perfectly match the desired cupping profiles of the end customers. Finally, Ibiraci, their city, is a recognized haven for champion coffee producers, showcasing coffee production as its main economic forte.

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