PERU, El Eden, San Jose del Alto


  • Tasting Notes – Citrus, cocoa, winey
  • Roast – Light
  • Growing Altitude – 1700 – 1850 masl
  • Processing – Semi Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Certifications – 86 SCA
  • Varietal – Red Bourbon
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The central town of this area, El Triunfo, serves as an excellent collection site for cherry. All logistics for the local comités operate out of this town. Nearby La Palestina serves as a processing model for us, and we hope that other local farms will also learn from their operation. Most of the smaller communities, or mingas, are a great source of grassroots communication surrounding better practices.

Moving forward, we are confident that San Jose del Alto will be a solid source for micro lot quality coffees.

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