Nyaruguru District, South Province, RWANDA

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  • Tasting Notes – Honey, fruity, dark chocolate
  • Roast – Light
  • Growing Altitude – 1850masl
  • Processing – Anaerobic fermentation
  • Certifications – Impano
  • Varietal – Bourbon
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Experience the charm of Nyaruguru District’s coffee, right from Rwanda’s Southern Province. This blend teases your palate with honey, fruity notes, and dark chocolate because we roast it lightly, keeping the unique flavours intact. Its growing altitude of 1850masl enhances its depth and body.

The blend undergoes anaerobic fermentation, a careful process adding to its appeal. It holds the “Impano” certification, signifying quality and sustainability. Its core lies in the bourbon varietal, common in Rwanda, but with a complex charm.

Smallholders, working on tiny land plots, craft this blend and despite their limited resources, they’ve created a thriving coffee culture. They share centralised wet-mills, ensuring each bean meets the highest standards.

The life of this blend begins with flowering in September and October. Harvest follows from March to July. By late May and early June, the first shipments leave for your cup. Each sip then, is a toast to the vibrant Rwandan coffee scene.

Most communities across the world have benefited from the natural resources around them to create generational wealth. However, despite being the community that produces more coffee in Rwanda, the Nyamasheke District still ranks amongst the poorest and most affected by malnutrition nationwide. Impano (Gift) experimental coffee carries the idea that coffee is a gift that can transform our community.

This anaerobic coffee is carefully fermented for about 100 hours to ensure a taste that makes it worth a gift for a coffee lover. It suits diverse preferences with a memorable flavour. We hope that a cup of this coffee can evoke the power to connect coffee lovers and our producers’ community, transforming the drinking experience and the growers’ lives.

“Coffee for our community is more than just beans. For a long time, coffee has been a reason for people to spend time together, for a family to go out and meet up with others after selling their coffee because they have some money to afford a drink and food at a restaurant. Particularly the famous “Igisafuriya” or “brochettes”. These are all values that people who are not from the community would not necessarily understand or would not care about. Having grown up with many farmers in the community, my family values what coffee means to the quality of life of the community and to the social cohesion that is essential for any society.”

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  1. Shahid

    One of the best coffees I ever had. Was lucky to try this light roast at Ripon market and just blew me away.
    Highly recommended and very informative barista.

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