Technivorm Vs Bonavita: Which One’s For You?

There’s no surprise it’s the Technivorm vs Bonavita so often. They’re both great coffee makers, with some great features. But what are the differences and similarities between the two? And which one should you go for?

We’ll help you decide. We’ve covered them in a lot of detail so by the end of this article, you’ll know which one is for you.

A Quick Overview Of The Condenders

Technivorm Moccamaster

technivorm vs bonavita

The Moccamaster is a beautiful and sophisticated looking coffee maker that’s going to look great in any kitchen. Especially because it comes in 28 different colours to choose from.

Designed by the Dutch, the build quality and ergonomic design features make it enjoyable to make a brew from, not like coffee isn’t fun to make anyway.

As the world moves to more sustainable and environmentally conscious processes and products, you’ll be glad to know Technivorm uses only recyclable and biodegradable materials.

The Technivorm is quite a bit more expensive than the Bonavita, but comes with a 5 year warranty. This shows Technivorm believes in the quality of their products. You won’t have to buy another coffee maker six months down the line because of a poor build quality.

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Bonavita BV1900TS

technivorm vs bonavita

Although Bonavita hasn’t had as much time on the market as Technivorm to build up a reputable brand name, but they’re on the right path.

In fact, when they first came out, people were astonished that their models were about half the price of Technivorms. The model achieved the nickname of ‘Technivorm Killer’.

They do come with a shorter, 2 year warranty, indicating their build quality maybe isn’t as up to scratch as the Technivorm. However, with a smaller price tag, you can’t complain.

There are many clever features that are great selling points for the Bonavita coffee maker that we’ll cover further down.

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technivorm on kitchen countertop next to grinder

The Feature Breakdown

For an easy comparison, let’s take a look at the important features we should consider when buying a coffee maker.

The Brew Time

If you don’t want to spend half your morning waiting for your cuppa to brew (slight exaggeration), then the length of the brew time is important.


For a 40oz carafe of coffee, you should expect to wait around 4-6 minutes until completely brewed. That’s as quick as any coffee maker you’re going to find on the market. To brew the same amount of coffee, some machines can take much longer.


The Bonavita comes in at a slightly slower time for around the same amount of coffee. For an 8-cup carafe, it’s about a 6-7 minutes wait. So barely a difference.

I mean, if you need every minute you can savour in your morning routine, then the Technivorm is the winner. But they score about the same in brew time.


A coffee maker can brew the best coffee in the world, but if it doesn’t look amazing sat on your countertop, who’s going to want it? You don’t want anything that’s an eyesore.

It’d also be nice if your coffee maker would fit in with the colour scheme of your kitchen. So which one is best for this?


Personally, I love the look of the Technivorm. From the base it sits on, to the water reservoir and the glass carafe. I think it’s a much better looking kitchen appliance.

Glass carafes just look more aesthetically pleasing. They aren’t as practical, but we’ll get on to that shortly.

The winning factor for the Technivorm is that you can choose from around 28 different colours. So no matter what palette your kitchen has, you’re going to find the right colour to fit.


With the Bonavita you don’t get anywhere near as many options. You can choose to get it with a stainless steel carafe, a black base and stainless steel carafe, or swap it out for a glass carafe.

Although you’re paying quite a bit less for the Bonavita, it would be nice to choose form a variety of options. However, there aren’t many coffee makers out there that have as many options as the Technivorm, so that’s pretty unique.


Checking the warranty is a super important factor to consider. Not only does it tell you how long the coffee maker is covered for, but also how much faith the company has in its build quality.

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s just the law of averages. If a company is making a thousand products, there’s bound to be one that has some sort of manufacturing issue. That’s why we have a warranty, to make sure we’re covered.


The Technivorm Moccamaster is going to allow you to sleep easy at night, as it comes with a very generous 5 year warranty. This is one of the longest warranties I’ve seen for a coffee maker, and it tells us they have our backs if their build quality fails.

So although you might initially spend a bit more upfront than the Bonavita, over a 5 year period you’ll probably save money on not having to buy another one.


With the Bonavita, you still get a decent warranty period of 2 years. Although you aren’t covered for as long, you aren’t paying as much for the product, and 2 years is still a long time to be covered for manufacturing problems.

Overall, the Technivorm wins hands down with the warranty period, very impressive.

Build Quality

Checking out the build quality is not only good for understanding it’s durability, but also for how it feels while you’re using it. If everytime you make a brew, you feel that cheap plastic that seems like it’s about to break, you’re not going to enjoy using it.


The first thing I notice about the Technivorm is the strong and durable aluminium housing which is a higher quality material than what the Bonavita is made out of. However, this is something that drives the price up.

Although you can get stainless steel which is tough to rust, aluminium isn’t going to rust at all. So even after years of use, the outside aesthetics shouldn’t show a lot of wear and tear.

Both coffee makers use hard, black plastic where necessary, but it’s not nasty plastic that sends a shiver down your spine when you touch it. It’s strong and durable.


The exterior housing is stainless steel, which immediately gives the coffee maker a quality look and good durability.

Again, although the Bonavita hasn’t got the build quality of the Technivorm, you’re not paying as much for it. Plus, does this mean the Bonavita doesn’t have good build quality? No, it’s still good. It comes with a 2 year warranty so of course it’s a decent build. Just not as good as the Technivorm.

The Carafe

Carafes are important for those coffee lovers out there that like to drink a lot of coffee in one go. You can fill it up with coffee, and the carafe will keep it hot all morning while you sip away.


You don’t get a choice of carafe with the Technivorm. It’s glass and that’s that. The model comes with a warming plate though which will keep your coffee warm. It has two settings, hot and warm.

One of the problems with warming plates is that if they’re too hot, they can create a burnt tinge to your coffee. However, with the warming plate having settings this can be avoided.


Although a glass carafe looks better, a thermal carafe works better at keeping your coffee hot for hours. That’s exactly what the Bonavita carafe does.

If you’re wanting to take coffee with you on a road trip or you simply have a long meeting at work in which you want to enjoy coffee in a thermal carafe will keep your coffee piping hot for the duration.

Additionally, you get to choose between a glass and thermal carafe with the Bonavita. If want a carafe just for serving coffee to your family when they come around, a glass carafe is probably the best option.

Auto Shut-Off

Always a handy function for those forgetful folk out there. It’s also good to extend the lifespan of your coffee maker. The longer it’s running for, the more likely something is going to go wrong.


The Moccamaster does feature an auto shut-off function. After 100 minutes of inactivity, it will shut off on its own. This is still a little bit too long for my liking though.

However, you need it to be this long for the warming plate to stay on, or else you could come back after an hour and find your coffee stone cold.


Because of the thermal carafe, the Bonavita doesn’t need to stay on for anywhere near as long. After 40 minutes, it’ll turn itself off. This is far better for the coffee makers lifespan, and for your electricity bill.

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cup of coffee on wooden table

Brewing Differences

There are a couple of differences in the brewing process of each machine that’s worth mentioning in the comparison.

The Showerhead

Both coffee makers come with a showerhead, which is designed for even saturation of the coffee beans. This key for an even extraction and balanced brew.

The Technivorm, although does a really good job at this, you have to do it manually. They could have done a slightly better job at making it automatic, but it’s not a massive downfall.

The Bonavita is designed so you don’t have to do anything at all. Just press a button and go. Although this is convenient, it doesn’t give you options to customise. For example with the Technivorm, you can set it to ‘fast drip’, ‘slow drip’ or ‘no drip’.

The Brew Basket

Both the Technivorm and the Bonavita both use the Melitta brew basket with number 4 cone filters. The only difference between the two, is that the Technivrom has an open top design, whereas the Bonavita doesn’t.

Because you have access to the grounds in the Technivorm, you can ensure all the grounds are evenly wet when they are in the blooming stage. However, you don’t really need this with the Bonavita as it does a good job at this anyway.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it. A complete comparison between two very good coffee makers. But what should you take away from this review?

Bottom line is if you have the budget for the Technivorm, I’d go for that. It’s a really great coffee maker, and the long five year warranty really means you don’t have to fork out for another machine a year or two down the line.

As far as pour-over coffee makers go though, the Bonavita scores well. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with the quality of the coffee from it.

You can check out our other coffee maker reviews here.

Let us know which one you went for in the comments!

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