Meet the team




Why we started happy barista

It’s impossible to talk about this adventure without first explaining a bit about our travels. We met each other on the other side of the world, on a strawberry farm in Victoria, Australia. After that, we kept globetrotting together, living in our camper van and working our way around. 

We hear you. How does this tie in with coffee?  Well, the coffee and the cafe culture in Australia and New-Zealand is phenomenal.  Each cup is made with the utmost care and that is reflected in the cupIt’s proper coffee, requiring a recipe and balance so that you can taste all the subtle and delicate flavours. That’s how we became coffee obsessed!  

When we came back to Europe due to lockdown, we really missed these incredible coffees. Drawing on our experience working in hospitality, and combining that with our love of coffee, we decided we needed to create a proper coffee experience in the north of the UK. And voilà… Happy Barista was born.

Our Mission at Happy Barista

We aim to give our customers a coffee experience that is like no other. We source high quality green beans from sustainable and ethical farms, we roast the coffee ourselves in small batches to ensure freshness, and then, we follow a recipe we’ve worked on to create a delicious cup of coffee. If it’s not up to standard, we make it again.

We love selecting new beans and trying different types of roasts, so there will often be something new for you to taste.

It is important for us to use good quality ingredients. That’s why the milk we have chosen comes from Acorn Dairy and is organic. Of course we also have alternative milk at no extra cost so that no one is left out. 

We always enjoy chatting with you coffee lovers! Pop down to the market so we can discuss our favourite topic. Also, don’t hesitate to give us some feedback, join us on this journey to provide you with a proper coffee experience!