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Who Are Happy Barista?

At Happy Barista we aim to give our customers a unique and flavourful coffee experience. At the heart of the business are Tom and Dana. We continue to channel love and dedication into crafting extraordinary coffee since we started the business in 2021


Director, chief roaster and expert barista.

Tom has a head full of knowledge when it comes to coffee. He carefully roasts all our coffee, and has spent countless hours perfecting our coffee brewing recipes. Not only that, he's a dab hand at Latte Art! If Tom isn’t doing something coffee related, he’ll be off on a hike in the middle of nowhere.


Director, administrator and expert barista.

Dana makes sure we’ve got places to serve our proper coffee, as well as having an acute sense of taste making her chief quality controller. We’d be completely lost without her. When she’s not working, you can find Dana whipping up some incredible bakes or on a hike with Tom.

Ready To Try Our Coffee?

We currently have 3 fabulous roasts just waiting for you to relax and enjoy!

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